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“Can’t Hold Back the Spring”    


A dying inner city church grows from 200 - 3000 members by taking risks, reaching out to the poor, and welcoming diverse people to God’s Table.

“The Studentbaker Corporation” 


Five seminarians buy an old car together and forge a philosophy of simplicity, shared values, and inclusion that provide a non-clerical model for a renewed Catholic Church of the future.

“Pioneer Priest”


A Catholic woman, Mary Ramerman, becomes the Rosa Park’s of the Catholic Women’s movement.  Read How her ordination pushed the Catholic Church to ordain women priests.

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by: Rev. Mary Ramerman


by: Myra Brown

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Atricle Source:  Where the Spirit Moves Us Reflections for Women Considering Ordinations
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“Going to Bat For Humanity”


Sr. Margie Henninger is not your average nun.  Her mission to the poor and compassion for those in recovery has provides beautiful stories of success and rising above adversity.