Our Mission Statement:

We are a Christ-centered Catholic Community reaching beyond the institutional church to be inclusive of all. Jesus Christ is our Pastor. The Eucharist is the center of our faith. As we embrace the challenge of the scriptures, we are ordinary people joyously celebrating the opportunity to follow Jesus’ radical message of unconditional love.


History of Spiritus Christi Church...

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Jesus said “no one who comes to my table will ever be rejected.”  At Spiritus Christi we are all inclusive.  No one will ever be turned away or rejected for any reason.  We strive to have  loving, warm community where everyone feels welcome and loved.

Spiritus Christi is committed to playing an active role in the dismantling of racism and being a diverse community.  

about where Spiritus Christi came from.  This will give you  a great perspective on where we stand today!

Family is the bond which holds us together.  At Spiritus, we celebrate families  all around the parish.  Our Children’s ministry program and our Family Ministry program provide fun, safe family oriented gatherings & retreats.  Whether your a family two or twelve, there is a program for you!

History, of

course we have history!  For every great part of the future, there is a great story in the past.  Click on the “OUR HISTORY” link to the upper right to read

At Spiritus, our doors are open.  Not ajar, but wide open to receive you.  All are welcome here.  You may have come down a beaten path to get to us, or you may still be on it.  Either way...When you get here, you are home.  

We are committed to our community.  Spiritus Christi’s outreach to the poor, here and abroad, is as much of a priority as our ministries.  We do ministry & outreach work in Rochester, Buffalo, Elmira, Haiti, Mexico and more!  There’s no stopping either..

Here, we are family!  And caring is a quality we take pride in.  Spiritus Christi cares, and it shows.  Just sit through one of our all inclusive masses... we know you will feel right at home.   

Literally moving!  Join us on annual walks to benefit our Mental Health Center, jump in as we participate in the Rochester Pride Parade, and get moving too with all we have to offer, or you can move as our gospel choir lifts the roof during our liturgies!

You are important to us, and you will not be unknown.  God has called you by name, and we should call you by name too.  We want to get to know you, so please, get to know us!  We also want you to be  part of our liturgies.  Ask how!